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Zombie games for weak PCs

A selection of great Zombie games for weak PCs, some of which are completely free to download.


Left 4 dead


Resident evil 4

Co-op shooter about zombies on a weak PC developed and released by Valve in 2008. The player needs to team up with other survivors, choose the right weapon for himself and try to break through the crowds of the infected to the point of evacuation. Moreover, among the enemies, there are unique monsters with special abilities, which can also be controlled by other players. One of the best zombie games for a weak PC.




Left 4 dead

Resident Evil 4, also known as Biohazard 4, is a captivating survival horror / third-person shooter based on the adventures of Leon Scott Kennedy in the wilderness of Spain. He arrives here to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the American president, but on the spot, he encounters a sinister cult that conducts experiments on residents.





Project zomboid

Continuing the top zombie games on a weak PC is an isometric sandbox from Steam Early Access called Project Zomboid. Its system requirements are relatively modest, but the possibilities offered are wider than in any other game about the zombie apocalypse.


The player is waiting for a huge procedurally-generated world in which you can enter absolutely any building and use any item found. It provides an extensive system of crafting and barricading, the ability to engage in agriculture, fishing, and gathering, and there is also transport. There is also a system of the physical and moral state of the protagonist, formed from a huge number of indicators.




Dead island

Once the tropical island of Banoi was a popular resort, but out of nowhere, the Z-virus turned it into a bloody hell with the living dead. To survive in it, the hero will have to get the hang of crushing enemies with whatever comes to hand: an oar, a mop, a golf club, and so on. And with the right recipe and materials, your simple weapon can be pumped great, and even create something truly powerful and effective.


An unusual “sunny environment”, a unique melee system with a first-person view, and the ability to pump weapons – these are the three main points that distinguish Dead Island from dozens of other zombie-themed projects.






A dark and interesting zombie action game with a side view, park our, and puzzle elements. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in 1986, after a monstrous zombie epidemic that ended human civilization. The main character is a stern man named Randall Wayne, trying to find his family on the streets of Seattle plunged into chaos and despair.




Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

In zombie games, we are asked to kill the bloodthirsty dead, but what if you side with them? Stubbs the Zombie tells the story of an unlucky salesman Edward “Stubbs”, who was brutally murdered and buried on the site of the future town of Punchbowl. As it turned out, not for long. Having risen from the dead, he begins to wreak havoc on the streets of the metropolis, and at the same time tries to find his former lover.


In this game you will play as a zombie and create an army of your own kind, using various “weapons”. The latter refers to severed hands (clubs), intestinal grenades, powerful emission of gases, and Stubbs’s hand, which captures the victim’s mind. The game is fun as hell and offers an unusual take on a hackneyed genre.




Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green 

The first-person shooter Land of the Dead is based on the horror film of the same name. In the role of farmer Jack, the player will have to catch the beginning of a zombie apocalypse: living an ordinary day, the hero encounters a distraught stranger and realizes that this is none other than a revived corpse. Now he has to survive and get to the “City of the Living”, which is surrounded by a high wall.


In terms of gameplay, this is a linear shooter in which the player will confront the dead with the help of various firearms and melee weapons, as well as constantly advance through the plot, clearing locations. Zombies are few, but they are dangerous, and the game has an eerie horror atmosphere.





Resident evil 5

The fifth part of Resident Evil uses the same formula as the fourth – but the player is given not helpless Ashley, but her partner Shiva, armed to the teeth. The plot is dedicated to the adventures of Chris Redfield, who arrives in a West African village to suppress the sale of bioweapons. The villagers suddenly become aggressive and kill Chris’s team, but the hero, together with his partner, managed to survive. Now they have to understand who and why spread a new infection that turns people into mutants.


The player will have to go through the chapters alone or with a friend in cooperative mode. In the process of passing, gamers will fight with various mutants and bosses, as well as solve simple puzzles.




Dead age

Quests based on The Walking Dead are, of course, good, but what if, like in the series, you lead a group of people and survive in the post-apocalypse, reaping the consequences of your decisions? Games from the Dead Age dilogy will help you feel what it is like, which are a composite hodgepodge of various genres (a little from action, strategy, adventure, simulator, and even a roguelike ).


As the leader of a group of survivors, you have to wander around places that have long lost the appearance of civilization, look for resources to equip a camp, and also fight both vile zombies and people. The battles are turn-based, and the death of a comrade is irreversible. The story is not linear, and the plot is full of dramatic and unexpected moments.





Unturned is an “out of control prank.” At first, it was a simple indie in the style of Mine craft, created by the efforts of one teenager, but the game managed to attract the attention of a million audience and noticeably grow in gameplay terms. Now it is not just a sandbox with elements of survival and aimless wandering in search of resources, but a full-fledged role-playing simulator.


The world in the game is beautiful and picturesque, but dead – the epidemic devastated all places where a person could be. Assuming the role of one of the few survivors, you can define your own story – you can do peaceful things like fishing and gardening, become a bandit and rob the honest, or just wander around the map in search of adventure. The highlight of Unturned is that the game is free and multiplayer-focused.





Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

In some parts of the first-person shooter Call of Duty, and in particular in World at War and in the Black Ops series, there is a special mode with zombies, where the player, alone or with friends in co-op, deals with the undead in the scenery of war. The goal of the modes is simple – to hold out as long as possible, but zombies are much more dangerous here than in other games in our collection.


Because the gameplay of the recognized shooter is taken as a basis, the action and shooting here will delight all fans of zombie games. For owners of weak PCs, we recommend playing World at War, where the gamer confronts the Nazis who have risen from the dead, and in the first two parts of Black Ops, where the audience’s favorite mode was developed.




Walking zombie 2

“Free masterpiece” – such a phrase is often found in reviews of the shooter with RPG elements Walking Zombie 2. This project attracts both “clothes” and “mind”: nice “polygonal” graphics are not demanding, which will allow you to run the game on a weak PC, and the gameplay will delight those who are tired of the same type of shooters.


According to the plot, the player will be engaged in survival in the conditions of a zombie apocalypse, and he will have to take care of his skin, do good and bad deeds that affect the plot, solve original puzzles and, of course, confront hordes of an inanimate enemy using a variety of weapons. We are not joking about the horde – sometimes there are as many zombies on the screen as in Dead Rising.




Zombie army trilogy 

Zombie Army grew into a full-fledged series of games from the addition to the sniper shooter Sniper Elite, which raised an entire army of Nazis from the dead, led by Hitler himself. It is also a co-op third-person shooter with multiple campaigns and zombies. An impressive arsenal of rifles, traps, and a proprietary X-Ray system are in place.


The games can be compared to Left 4 Dead, as there is also a group of 4 players going through missions, sometimes facing bosses. Unless, zombies are much more dangerous, and the atmosphere is darker. It is noteworthy that in games you can choose skins of heroes from the first Left 4 Dead.





In 2012, the Wii U console saw the release of the survival horror Zombie, which gained some popularity, but the exclusivity did not allow a wide audience to “probe” the project. The re-release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One appeared only in 2015, but from the status of a “masterpiece”, the game moved to the section “just good”, since the port with the Wii U, where branded controllers are used, did not pass without a trace.


Welcome to London, which is inhabited by zombies according to the traditions of our collection. The emphasis in the gameplay is on survival – resources will be constantly scarce, and survivors who will help get out of this place are difficult to find. The game will also delight you with attention to detail and the mechanics of rebirth – in case of death, you will play for another survivor, and you can find “yourself of the past” in the same place, wandering and biting heavily.




Zombie night terror

In Zombie Night Terror, you lead an army of the dead against humans who are desperately trying to survive amid a global catastrophe. Unfortunately, not everyone runs in a panic at the sight of monsters – some are well armed and do not mind having fun.


Zombie Night Terror is an indie strategy game with simple 2D graphics and an original idea. You will command a horde of zombies throughout 50 levels, where you will find battles and a worse enemy – puzzles. The game implements a mutation system that allows you to replenish the army with creepy Frankenstein’s.





Resident evil 0

Resident Evil: Zero made its way to PC in the form of an HD remaster, and in terms of plot, this part is a prequel to the original. The gameplay also consists of exploring levels, solving puzzles, and battling monsters. In this part, for the first time, the player can control not one hero, but two at once during the entire game, switching control at any time.


The main feature of the series – the fixed camera – remained in place. Thanks to this, the player never knows what lies ahead, and from this, the feeling of fear only intensifies.




The Walking Dead: The Game

Episodic game based on the comic “The Walking Dead”, which tells the story of the criminal Lee, who caught the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. At the beginning of his journey, he meets a little helpless girl – Clementine and goes with her in search of her parents.


The game is divided into story episodes, in which the player is invited to solve puzzles and participate in action scenes. The lion’s share of the game is occupied by dialogues in which the gamer can choose an answer option, and this will affect further events. The game has become a nugget in the genre, and we recommend playing it even for those who rarely pay attention to projects about zombies.





Killing Floor

A cooperative first-person shooter in which the player will play the role of one of the few survivors. In the story, a certain scientist created monsters and is trying to take over the whole world, and you will interfere with the execution of his plans.


The plot here was created for the show because the main thing is the gameplay. The player must clear the levels from the crowds of various monsters together with other gamers, and in between the waves, buy weapons and equipment, as well as pump the levels of perks. With each new stage, there are more and more enemies, and in the final, you will meet with the Patriarch, who can easily nullify the entire passage.





Zombie Panic!  Source

Zombie Panic! Source is a free multiplayer first-person shooter in which players are invited to split into teams (survivors or zombies) and play their part. People need to barricade themselves and look for supplies and weapons, while the dead need to infect them.


Due to the abundance of tactics and unpredictable player behavior, each match in the game is unique. There is also a gloomy horror atmosphere, which is enhanced by dark colors and confined spaces (you never know what or who is waiting for you around the corner).





They Are Billions

A steampunk strategy game in which you will develop a settlement in a post-apocalypse environment. The game has standard mechanics for the genre (construction of buildings, extraction of resources, development of technologies), but one detail makes it unique – these are huge crowds of zombies that can attack you at any time. To counter them, hire units that have unique skills. If at least one zombie enters the city, all other residents can become infected, and then the game will end.


Although we have defined They Are Billions is a game for weak PCs (system requirements are really low), we warn you that an impressive number of zombies on the screen can cause freezes.




How to Survive

The player finds himself on an uninhabited island during a zombie epidemic, on which, besides him, wild animals and undead, there is no one else. There is nowhere to wait for help, so you have to deal with your own salvation: collect materials and useful items, craft tools and weapons, hunt, strengthen the shelter and fight off the ghouls wandering nearby. You can play alone or in cooperative mode. There are 3 unique characters to choose from.





Dead rising

One of the most brutal zombie action games, devoted to the investigation of journalist Frank West, who arrived in a small American town for a sensation, but instead received an army of hungry zombies, from which he tried to hide in the building of the city shopping center. And since Frank is not a policeman or a military man, but only a journalist, he did not have any proper training and suitable weapons. And he has to fight off the zombies with what was at hand.




Dead maze

Free isometric MMORPG with cartoon graphics and a zombie setting. Team up with other survivors to save their lives in the face of a monstrous threat, build your own shelter, and arrange joint sorties for all the junk that you can then use to create something really useful.




State of decay

Another great survival game in the world of the living dead, with aces up its sleeve. Lead a small settlement of survivors, fortify and equip it, distribute roles and assignments, make sorties for food, medicine, and ammunition, complete random tasks, and establish communication with other survivors. And no direct clashes with hordes of zombies – they will tear apart and devour in five minutes.





No More Room in Hell

A dark and challenging co-op survival game that challenges a squad of up to 8 players to try to survive on the dark streets of a metropolis overrun by the creepy living dead. The game is completely free.

(Zombie games for weak PCs).

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