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The best co-op games for Android

(Best co-op games)


The mobile version of the legendary Pixel Sandbox gives gamers almost the same endless possibilities as the PC version.

Here you can fight monsters, build houses, extract resources and build the most intricate structures with your friends.

The game supports co-op with up to 4 team members, only a free Xbox Live account is needed. And if you have a Realms subscription, you can create a server where up to 30 of your friends can play.


Rob lox is not a game in the classic sense of the word. It is rather a virtual tool for creating your own games, combined with a social platform.

Here you can create your own little game and share it both with your friends and with millions of gamers from all over the world.

Another unique feature of the project is its cross-platform nature, thanks to which both gamers with smartphones with Android OS and owners of PCs, Xbox One consoles, and even VR systems can exchange games.



The success of games like Hearthstone and Gwent has shown that the mechanics of card games can be successfully implemented in software for PCs and mobile phones.

It is not surprising that one of the most popular card tables of the last few years has acquired its own mobile version, which fully conveys all the nuances of offline gameplay.

Despite the rather simple concept (players draw cards until they draw the “exploding kitten”), Exploding Kittens are distinguished by a huge number of tactics and ways not only to delay their own defeat but also to “help” the opponent to explode.


This hybrid of sandbox and fantasy action allows gamers to assemble a team of friends or random gamers from all over the world and go on an exciting adventure full of danger and treasure.

Resources obtained in battles can be used to improve your own home.

Here you will find 4 classes of characters, several hundred types of monsters, and almost five hundred types of resources.

The uniqueness of the project is added by the original solution to combine voxel three-dimensional landscapes with two-dimensional hand-drawn character models.


The mobile version of the famous sandbox is not much different from the PC version in terms of functionality and in the same way, invites gamers to explore a world full of dangers, fight numerous monsters, extract resources and equip their own shelter.

The project is distinguished by a convenient implementation of the cooperative model

– You can collect up to 7 of your friends both locally using a Wi-Fi connection, or on a dedicated game server, which can be downloaded and run for free on your PC.


Of course, most fans of football simulators prefer to play with friends in a confrontation mode rather than a co-op.

However, it is precisely the joint passage that much better conveys the essence of football as a team game, in which victory often depends not so much on the individual skills of the players as on their ability to interact with each other.

And it is the matches in the cooperative mode that will help you and your friends feel like a modest Leicester, heroically snatching the championship from the clutches of monsters like Manchester United, Chelsea and MC.


The real furor around Pokémon Go inspired many studios to get seriously involved in the development of games in augmented reality, in which the fantasy world could be combined with our reality.

Of all the fantasy worlds, it was the Harry Potter universe that seemed to be one of the best candidates for the role of the setting in an AR game, since the action of the book series takes place in our modernity, in which magically turns out to be quite real.

And although the product of the studio Niantic has not the most flattering reviews and cannot boast of Russian localization, the potential of this game is obvious and with proper development, it can easily repeat the success of Pokémon and even surpass it.


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