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The best tank games for Android

(Tank games) Battle City, popularly known as “Tanks”, has become one of the best representatives of the 8-bit era, and we are sure that it also contributed to the popularization of tank games in general.

As a result, today you can find a lot of projects in various genres (arcades, realistic simulations, royal battles) dedicated to iron tigers, and the article will focus on their best representatives on Android.


Conventionally, we divided the selection into two parts – the first was devoted to arcade simulators with graphics close to realistic, and the second included cartoons and other projects, the gameplay of which is much simpler and more fun.




Blitz is a mobile version of the popular tank MMO action game World of Tanks, which has become a little more popular than the developers expected, and as a result, it has also visited other platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch).

Like its big brother, this is a PvP shooter that offers to lead the USSR, USA, China, Great Britain, or another country and take part in 7v7 multiplayer battles.


At your disposal is a huge park of authentic and not so many tanks (more than 400 in total), various maps ( WWII scenery,

modern landscapes, fictional locations), and a detailed development system that allows you to change guns, equipment, camouflage and other elements of the mechanical beast.

Also note the juicy graphics, undemanding to the hardware of the smartphone.




The main feature of Armada: Modern Tanks is a fleet of modern tanks – so, you will start your combat adventures on vehicles of the mid-20s,

and with pumping, you will unlock such models as T-90, Leopard 2, Abrams, and others. All of them have unique characteristics that can still be improved in the hangar.


Otherwise, Armada: Modern Tanks is a standard PvP action game with an abundance of modes, dynamic battles, various locations, and other components.




The first Iron Force may not stand out in terms of graphics, but it is another excellent tank simulator with an emphasis on PvP battles, the highlight of which is the system of legions (in a simple way – clans).

Players are invited to create their own legions or join existing ones, where gamers from all over the world unite, and jointly achieve victory on 5 maps in 3 modes, thus advancing in the rating table.

Modern tanks are presented, the speed, accuracy, and firepower of which can be adjusted.


The second part has become much nicer to look at, but in general, the idea has not changed – legions of gamers are still fighting fierce PvP battles,

improving equipment, completing tasks, and striving to take the top place in the league.




We continue our march through the arcade simulators, and the action game Archaic:

Tank Warfare has fallen under the gun. Unlike the projects described above, you can play here alone against bots (and, of course, in multiplayer),

and the game itself takes not so much gameplay as the features of physics and graphics.


So, here there is destructible terrain, realistic physics of vehicle behavior, and even a tank track is animated in a realistic way.

As for the picture, it is really impressive, and all thanks to dynamic shadows, complex particle effects, and other details. A great option for those who love with their eyes.





Hundreds of tanks, a dozen improvements, and intense battles in teams of 6 vs 6 – these features of Armored Aces have delighted over a million players who have downloaded the game on Google Play.

What immediately catches the eye – the interface here does not clutter up the screen, which allows gamers to fully enjoy what is happening on the display.


Otherwise, this is a classic PvP action game with pretty good graphics, the ability to play in a team with friends, an impressive fleet of upgradable vehicles, and a variety of locations.




The authors of Grand Tanks assure that their creation is the most realistic war game about the Second World War.

True, there is, but you should not overestimate expectations, since this is just a good game about tanks with dynamic battles, intuitive controls,

reliable models of equipment (for example, T-34), and other appropriate mechanics of the genre.


Fans of playing in a team will be able to chat in a general chat and find a clan,

and solo players are invited to complete daily combat quests, for which you can get game currency and pump a steel beast.




Another good tank game for Android, which offers to take part in battles with modern combat vehicles.

Interest in it is the system of modules, which are active and passive attachments for vehicles, and the rank system, which brings balance to matchmaking and allows you to fight enemies of equal strength.

Add to all this a decent selection of tanks, arenas with destructible cover and leaderboards, and have fun for a few nights.





This tank arcade game is much simpler than other guests of our collection.

Although it tries to seem like a realistic simulator, in reality, it is just a “shooter” without any physics and with simple graphics, which is suitable for those who do not want to understand complex mechanics.

The gameplay includes multiplayer online battles in various arenas, and, as befits a choice, there are several models of tanks undergoing modernization.





It’s time to take a break from arcade simulators and pay attention to games in other genres with much simpler graphics, but varied gameplay.

Meet Tank Stars, the gameplay of which is built like “Worms”.


Controlling vehicles from a side view, you have to destroy your rivals in various ways – for example,

you can shoot them from your usual guns or launch shells in the form of a skull, a block of ice, or even an atomic bomb.

Multiplayer involves duels with real players, where resources are obtained for pumping crushing shells.





Tank Hero is a colorful arcade game in which tanks can be associated with heroes from some fantasy RPG.

No, the technique is in place and plays a major role in the gameplay, but the player can use various skills and unique talents, which will allow you to get even with dozens of enemies in the blink of an eye or cause a ton of damage to the boss.

The game will delight you with simple controls, vivid visual effects, and a rich selection of abilities, of which there are more than a hundred.





Enchanting winter forests, quiet farms, lonely churches in the middle of picturesque fields

– all this is the backdrop in the immersive 2D action game Hills of Steel, which boasts sophisticated driving physics.


Sitting astride a tank (yes, that’s right), you will ride across different locations with a breeze and try to destroy as many enemies as possible in single-player mode, and in multiplayer you will have a duel.

Another interesting feature of Hills of Steel is the rank system that allows you to upgrade from a recruit to a general.





“Pocket Tanks” is another game with the gameplay of “Worms”, but this time made in the spirit of the old parts of this series.

You will have a chance to control artillery installations and destroy rivals using tactics and buying powerful weapons in the store.

Simple controls will be mastered by gamers of different ages, and the need to plan every action will definitely appeal to fans of tactical games.




Awesome Tanks takes as a basis the idea of ​​the very “Tanks” that we talked about at the beginning and adds much more dynamics to the gameplay.

As a result, we have an excellent top-down arcade game in which battles unfold in real-time.


The gameplay is extremely simple – we choose a tank and set off to destroy rivals while trying to stay alive since the shots do not subside for a second.

It’s nice that you can use the features of the surrounding area – for example, hide in the bushes or destroy obstacles.

Awesome Tanks also has a level editor that allows you to create your own locations and share them with users.




Tanks A Lot! can be safely called “Brawl Stars from the world of tanks”, since it is also an arcade MOBA with 3v3 battles,

but instead of unique heroes, there are various tanks that can be created from scratch in the editor by choosing a gun and a base.

So, it is possible to build both a classic steel beast and a tank on mechanical legs, a flying tank, and many others.


Battles are pleasing with speed.

Also, note the variety of modes: in addition to the classic team battle, there is “Battle Royale” and even an analog of football “TankoBol”.






Animals that sit in the cockpit of tanks and try to survive in the “Royal Battle” – what an absurdity, you ask.

And we will answer that this is the original idea of ​​the multiplayer action game PvPets:

Tank Battle Royale, in which cute animals fight for the title of leader in quick three-minute matches.


The game will delight you with an abundance of mechanics:

for example, here you can upgrade during the match, there is an abundance of animals and matches, a system of missions has been implemented,

and the arsenal can be upgraded outside of battle. Even if the cat has paws, he will still be able to show who is in charge here.





In War Tortoise 2, the role of tanks is played by battle turtles,

and although the game does not quite fit into the theme of the collection, we felt that it belongs here.

Think for yourself – tanks are as slow as turtles.


This is an open-world MMO action game in which battle turtles are draped with heavy armor

and tons of weapons, and they also fight fierce battles with representatives of their own kind.

The game will delight you with a combination of mechanics of different genres (this is an MMO, and a clicker, and an action), realistic graphics, and a system of heroes with unique skills.


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