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Games like The Last of Us

The Last of Us has earned so many high marks, not because of the setting (which, however, is also impressive). The game won the love of the audience thanks to the gripping, adult story that leaves a mark on the memory. In this article, we have collected games that give the same vivid emotions as one of the best projects Naughty Dog. (Games like The Last of Us)




In 2012, Telltale released the original game, the main action of which takes place in the universe of The Walking Dead or The Walking Dead. The project was warmly received by fans of the popular franchise and even won the “Game of the Year” award at the prestigious VGA ceremony, although at first, the episodic masterpiece went unnoticed, like a pearl deeply hidden in the depths of the sea.


Also, as in The Last of Us, the game tells the story of former prisoner Lee Everett, who finds new reasons for himself to live, protecting the young, impressionable Clementine. The Walking Dead, like other projects from Telltale, is divided into seasons and tells the story of several years of the life of the main characters who are fighting for their survival.


If the familiar name rather drew the attention of fans to the game, then it was the unbreakable bond between the two main characters and Clementine’s incredible self-control that continued to hold them in front of the computer, making them wait with bated breath for the continuation of the series.


Even though the main focus of the game is on dialogues, and the opportunities for free exploration of the world are slightly less than in The Last of Us, real horror will await you around every corner, in the form of zombies or other survivors.


GOD OF WAR (2018)


It would seem impossible to turn the story of the irritable god-killer into a recognizable and heartbreaking journey of a father and son for many years. God of War (2018) is a soft prelaunch and sequel to the original series that immediately took over the video game market, received a lot of positive reviews, and a spot on the GOTY list.


The player meets the grief-stricken Kratos and his ambitious son Atreus at the darkest moment in their lives. Together they must bring the ashes of their deceased wife and mother to a specially designated place, far in the mountains. At the same time, Kratos is haunted by the ghosts of the past, in the form of Scandinavian gods and myths. And although the game is far from focused on zombies, the very idea of ​​an indestructible long-term connection between the main characters is a real masterpiece that definitely deserves attention.


At the very beginning, Kratos is shown as a real stoic, with whom it is impossible to negotiate, but the longer he and Atreus travel across endless locations, the better we get to know the other, and softer side of the god of war. Kratos begins to sympathize with his son and is sincerely afraid of losing him, trying to be more interested in his needs and desires. In the end, the focus is more on the affectionate relationship between father and son than on the dynamic massacre with the gods. Although, there is enough of it in God of War.




Alan Wake is perhaps the most suitable game on our list in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. Unlike other popular projects, she has a relatively small fan club, but they can be called real fans of the series. Although, maybe this is for the best. Alan Wake is a psychological thriller, unlike other previously released projects, which can be called more a novel than a video game. But he does a great job with these two roles.


In the center of the plot is Alan Wake (after whom the game is named), who is looking for his missing wife in the fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington. The name of the main character can be translated as “wake up”, so in the process of passing, together with Alan, the player begins to wonder if this endless nightmare is really happening. Or is it just a dream and you just need to wake up? Several tests await Alan in the game, which literally left the pages of his new novel.


As in The Last of Us, in Alan Wake, there are many moments when the protagonist comes face to face with the creatures hiding in the shadows. These invisible forces really make you cheer up, conveying the same sensations we experienced when Joel fought a crowd of clickers hiding in the back streets (infected). Both games also sigh relief as soon as you deal with the next crowd of monsters but do not let you forget that another danger awaits around the next corner. Like Joel, Alan is trying to find something that could relieve him of the pain caused by the sudden disappearance of his wife. But he may seem more complex and multifaceted character than the image of the worried father from The Last of Us.




In this sequel to the acclaimed Resident Evil franchise, real terror returns. There are no campy, mocking dialogue and low-quality, soullessly made monsters. In Resident Evil 7, the player will find a terrifying setting of narrow corridors and nooks, demonic ex-wives, and, of course, a huge number of bloody massacres.


The main action takes place in the southern United States. The protagonist is Ethan Winters looking for his missing wife, Mia Baker. Unbeknownst to Ethan, the Baker family led a notorious life of assassins, largely due to a mysterious infection that completely changed them. While there are many really weird moments in The Last of Us, they don’t match the carnage that awaits you in Biohazard. Therefore, the seventh part of Resident Evil is an excellent choice for those who are interested not only in a beautiful story.


Thanks to the first-person view, the player literally faces all the dangers face to face. This greatly influences other gameplay moments, allowing Ethan to be imbued with sincere emotions, who will have to choose between healing his own wife and sacrificing her for someone else.


The game reveals several main topics directly related to self-sacrifice. Whether it’s a choice between saving one for the other and having to embark on a deadly journey to prevent someone else from dying. And although Resident Evil 7 is darker, it also has a place for a love story that can easily squeeze a couple of tears out of you, and then send you back to fight against hordes of monsters.




Uncharted has become the biggest hit in modern gaming with a massive fan base. In addition to being a classic for a long time, the series is definitely a must-play for those looking for the same controls as The Last of Us, with ample opportunities to explore the world and real action. Given that both series are developed by the same studio Naughty Dog, they have many similar gameplay moments.


Uncharted follows the adventures of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who does it more for the thrill than for wealth and fame. And this in no way prevents him from getting into another shootout with hunters and bandits fighting among themselves.


The Uncharted series is sure to appeal to those looking for a game where the protagonist is like Joel. And although he does not have the same genuinely cool partner as Ellie, Drake, from time to time, is joined by equally cute characters. It is a real pleasure to watch the changes in Drake’s character, who transforms from a self-centered selfish person to a more caring friend, ready to literally jump off a cliff for the sake of those he loves.


While Uncharted doesn’t have as many exciting moments as The Last of Us, the game offers a slower exploration of the world that turns into an explosive journey along the way, much like the adventures of Ellie and Joel.



An adventure game about a brother and sister who are forced to survive in a plague. You will find yourself in France in 1349. On the one hand, the country is tormented by the Inquisition, on the other – by hordes of rats carrying a deadly disease.


As in The Last of Us, here you will see a duo of heroes who are addicted to each other. The elder sister Amicia is stronger and taller, and her younger brother Hugo, due to his small stature, can make his way into hard-to-reach places. In the process of passing you have to travel through a gloomy world, scare off rats with fire, hide from the soldiers of the Inquisition and solve various puzzles. During the journey, you will meet other goodies who will offer to unite against a common danger.


A Plague Tale: Innocence didn’t get good publicity before release, but a good project doesn’t need it. The game received universal acclaim and became one of the highlights of 2019 in the gaming industry.



The story of the adventures of two brothers who went to look for a cure for their father. They will face various dangers, but they can easily cope with them if they are together.


One player will have to control two heroes at once. The gameplay is filled with various puzzles tied to team interaction. Helping each other, the heroes can easily overcome obstacles. In addition to puzzles in the game, you can explore locations and fight bosses.


The main feature of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is the story. In the beginning, it will seem like a fairy tale to a gamer, but in the process, such topics as love for relatives, fear of loss, joy from small events, and so on are raised.




How is this game similar to The Last of Us? An atmosphere of adventure. The main character – Lara Croft – goes in search of treasures and constantly faces the dangers of the outside world. She will have to fight both wildlife and bandits.


The player will have to explore the presented locations, including the jungle, small cities, and many confusing and frightening tombs. You can go through the game stealthily, or use weapons and shoot in all directions. There is a crafting system, hunting, various puzzles, and a huge number of secrets that can elude the eyes of inattentive gamers.




Of course, no game will be able to repeat the success of The Last of Us, except for the sequel. The second part has been in development for a long time, and its release is scheduled for May 2020. The matured Ellie will have to continue her adventures in the post-apocalyptic world and once again face its inhabitants.

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