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Games like Silent Hill

Horror Games like Silent Hill have frightened gamers for decades with their stories and atmosphere. Silent Hill is a classic horror game from 1999. The game features gore, brutality, riddles, and square graphics. Since it was the debut since then the projects of this genre have become noticeably better: more realistic and frightening. Next, we’ll take a look at the best games that have everything we loved about Silent Hill.






Alchemilla is a Half-Life 2 mod inspired by the world and atmosphere of the iconic Silent Hill series. This adventure focuses not on battles with monsters, but on puzzles that are scattered in abundance across locations.


Even though this is, in fact, fan fiction, it is done very well, with attention to detail and respect for the ghostly “spirit of the series”. The developers managed to quite accurately capture the essence of the Silent Hill universe and convey it in the game, due to which it feels not so much a separate project as a spin-off of the franchise. Alchemilla is distributed on a non-commercial basis, so anyone can download it.




Little nightmares ii

Action Little Nightmares II takes place in the dark, full of shadows, and hiding in them the horrors of the city. Here, a little boy named Mono, accompanied by a new acquaintance sixth, must get to the lighthouse and turn off the Transmission, which zombies the locals.


In this game, the developers have collected all possible clichés from horror movies and horror games. Many references are read very clearly; there are also hints of Silent Hill. Plat formers are rarely scary, but this one, believe me, is creepy to shiver.





The medium

The Medium and Silent Hill are not only related to the genre and the fixed camera. The new Bloober Team game is being played by Akira Yamaoka, the composer responsible for the soundtrack for several episodes of the legendary series.


The plot of the project tells the story of a girl-medium, who has to reveal the secrets of an abandoned resort, using her gift of clairvoyance. Chased by the mysterious Mouth, she will balance on the brink of survival and madness, and the action will unfold in two realities at the same time, one of which resembles the alternative world of Silent Hill.





A third-person horror game, the main character of which is stuck in an abandoned city full of monsters … does it look like anything? The sources of inspiration for Dread Out lie on the surface, which, however, cannot be called a drawback of the game: the game gives vivid impressions and does an excellent job with its main task – to scare.


Dread Out is not only horror but also an excursion into Indonesian mythology, which is sure to please those who are fed up with Western and Japanese horror films. If you don’t take into account not the most convenient controls, we have in front of us a very atmospheric game, from which it is very difficult to break away.




Song of Horror

Song of Horror is reminiscent of many popular horror games at once. Fixed camera, immortal monsters, and cramped locations, challenging puzzles, characters with different abilities: it seems that the developers decided to make a cocktail of Resident Evil, Obscure, Silent Hill, and other cult projects.


And it works. Song of Horror is an eerily atmospheric title that perfectly combines numerous mechanics and genre features. Special attention should be paid to the risk of permanently losing each of the heroes if he falls into a trap or ends up in the clutches of monsters.




The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters

Action the Coma 2: Vicious Sisters takes place in the school, but it will not investigate Harry Mason, a young schoolgirl, who was locked in this place alone with the demon that haunts her.


It’s a 2D game, and you’ll play it from the side, but it doesn’t make it any less scary. You have to hide from an unbillable enemy, solve puzzles, create potions and items, explore the dark corridors of the nightmare school and reveal its secrets.





Lone Survivor

The Lone Survivor game was created by a developer who was so impressed with Silent Hill that he decided to try his hand at game development and release his own game based on it.


The main role is a man who is trying to leave a city stricken with illness. The hero is exhausted by hunger and stress, which is why he begins to experience hallucinations and wonder what he sees as real. In the course of his journey, the character makes many difficult decisions: to engage in battle or not, to help other survivors or pass by, to maintain his mental health, or to succumb to madness. Don’t look that Lone Survivor has a very modest picture – even with pixel graphics, the game can seriously scare you.




Resident evil 2 remake

The main action of the game takes place in Raccoon City, where you control Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Your task is to escape from the city after its inhabitants have turned into the brain-eating monsters that you and I love so much.


Resident Evil has long been a cornerstone of the zombie horror world, and given the success of the series, it’s no surprise that Capcom decided to release a remake for the second installment, a survival horror third-person shooter with RPG elements. The game is unique in that it is based on the beloved classics, but with more modern and realistic gameplay.





The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a third-person survival horror game by Japanese game designer Shinji Mikami, creator of the famous Resident Evil universe. The game takes place in a local hospital, where you have to control the police detective Sebastian Castellanos. Together with other officers, he arrives on a call to the Mayak psychiatric hospital and stumbles upon a scene of mass murder. They eventually separate and are trapped inside. As soon as they still manage to get out of the mysterious clinic, they realize that the city has been destroyed by an earthquake, and inhuman creatures are hiding in abandoned buildings.


The Evil Within deliberately tries to make the player feel helpless. You have a limited amount of ammo, you are often in limited conditions, and most enemies are easier to run away than fight them. The next unique aspect of the game is that the developers tried to get away from the clichés popular among horror movies as much as possible. Therefore, you can be one hundred percent sure that a truly unusual experience awaits you.




Call of cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is a horror game with RPG elements. You play as an experienced private investigator, Edward Pearce, who oscillates between insanity and sanity. The plot is based on the cult universe of the Old Gods from Lovecraft. Edward Pierce travels to the mysterious Dark water Island to unravel the mysterious murder of the Hawkins family, surrounded by rumors and conspiracies. You will be balancing on a fine line of reality and psychosis, where you cannot trust your own feelings or the people around you, exploring the figures lurking in the darkness instead.


The game is filled with strange visions of science and myths about Cthulhu, skillfully created by Lovecraft. The famous Lovecraft style and the horror of what is happening, which the game deserves, will not leave you for a minute. Call of Cthulhu is a truly extraordinary horror game that takes you back to classic horror literature.





Outlast is a first-person survival horror set in the Mount Massive clinic located far in the mountains of Colorado. You play journalist Miles Upsher, who decides to visit a mysterious building after anonymous reports of the asylum’s dark secrets. For a long time, Mount Massive remained an abandoned hospital for the mentally ill, after which it was bought out by a large organization and converted into a research center. This is an unknown object, working in strict secrecy. You don’t have any weapons, only a camera to help you navigate in the dark.


Because you cannot fight and protect yourself, the game is capable of scaring to death. The uncommonness of horror is explained by the fact that you can only run or hide. You will often find yourself face to face with the terrible inhabitants of the hospitals, unable to cope with themselves. Your enemies are the lost inhabitants of a mysterious clinic, which you will be researching.





Condemned: Criminal Origins

A crime thriller in which you play Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent from the Serial Crime Unit. Having become the best agent in the Bureau, Agent Thomas suddenly falls under suspicion. Doesn’t he manage to solve all these mysterious murders too quickly?


Agent Thomas begins to study the growing roster of serial killers. As a result, he understands who or what is behind all these terrible crimes, which are becoming more brutal every day, all this may be connected with a sudden outbreak of murders in this particular area. Agent Thomas is trying with all his might to get to the truth after he was framed and accused of killing two police officers. As the game progresses, you will have to rely on your own instincts, use forensic tools, collect evidence, and be guided by the “clues” already found. Danger will lie in wait for you at every corner, so you won’t have to part with your weapon.





Dead space

A third-person survival horror game with RPG elements. You play as engineer Isaac Clarke, whose mission was to repair a spaceship engaged in mining. Once on the ship, Isaac realizes that the crew has been infected and destroyed by an alien infection. Your main goal is to survive. But to reveal the whole truth about the tragedy that happened, you will have to get out of the trap.


Dead Space captivates with thoughtful bloody battles with alien monsters. You will fight incredible creatures and resist evil spirits in zero gravity, while your ship drifts across the boundless space.





SOMA is a first-person sci-fi horror game from the creators of Amnesia. You play Simon, who wakes up in an abandoned research station called PATHOS-2.

In the course of the game, you have to understand how you got here and what you need to do to get out of here.

The research station itself is enormous, and danger lurks around every corner. Also, the building is located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Around the solid mysteries and you do not have any weapons.


In SOMA, you get a unique horror experience, not so much because of the tense atmosphere and creatures lurking somewhere in the darkness (and scaring you to hell),

but because of the unusual and provocative form of the narrative.

As the story progresses, you will ask questions such as: what is reality? What is man? What is the sense of life? Who am I?




Alan wake

A third-person shooter with action-horror elements set in the small town of Bright Falls, home of the dark forces.

The plot tells the story of the popular best-selling author Alan Wake, whose wife mysteriously disappeared on vacation.

In an attempt to find her, he stumbles upon the pages of his own thriller novel, although he does not remember writing it.


The game is made similar to a television series.

As befits a psychological thriller, along the way, you will find unusual plot twists and cliffhangers, the tense atmosphere of what is happening, and, of course, a huge percentage of oddities of all stripes.

But even this will not be enough, and you will definitely ask for more.


The main task is to overcome the Darkness, which threatens to destroy Bright Falls and all its inhabitants.

To do this, you will have to master an unusual style of fighting – with the help of light. Perhaps this is your only way to survive.


The story is multi-layered, and the battles do not allow you to relax even for a minute. As a result, Alan Wake turned out to be an excellent horror game where your enemy is Darkness itself in the flesh.





An adventure horror game about student survival in a regular school.

Some evil settled in their “second home”, which at first simply kidnapped people, and then completely “grows” and attacks school corridors.

Five students will have to find out what is happening here.


The player can control two characters out of five, either alone or with a friend on the same computer.

Each character has its own characteristics that will help in the passage.

The gameplay includes exploring locations, finding key items, solving puzzles, and, of course, survival.

You never know if there are monsters around the corner, or if they can suddenly materialize right from under the floor.


An excellent horror movie in the spirit of classic games that can scare even adults.




Resident evil 7 biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, unlike parts 4-6, is not an action movie. This is a real horror game in which you will feel like a helpless person trying to survive. The plot will throw you into a gloomy house of cannibals on an abandoned farm, where the protagonist’s wife was last seen.


You have to explore the mansion, solve puzzles, look for caches and occasionally fight enemies using firearms. True, the ammunition is so small that you decide that it is better to avoid the battle. During the passage, fear will not let go of you – constantly wandering through confined spaces, the feeling that the hero is constantly being watched does not leave.


An excellent horror movie with realistic graphics and a frightening atmosphere.





FiDarkness withinrst-person adventure quest. According to the plot, the main character is a former detective Loaf Nolder, who is to investigate the murder of a rich lover of occult sciences.

Moreover, not of their own free will – the hero was simply put up as the main suspect.

To prove his innocence, he begins to learn more and more about the life of the victim, which affects his psyche.


Darkness Within is a two-part classic quest without a combat system.

The player is invited to wander around the locations and look for key items, notes, and other clues in them that will help in solving puzzles.

The plot of the game is a continuation of Darkness Within The Dark Lineage, and the story is based on the work of Howard F. Lovecraft.




Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

An old but very atmospheric horror game with shooter and quest elements.

Fans of horror films by the name will understand that the game is associated with the works of Howard F. Lovecraft.

The plot is based on two of his stories: “Beyond the Edge of Time” and “Shadow over Inn’s mouth”.

The player as a detective has to go to a mysterious house in Boston and investigate the devilry that is going on there.


According to the idea of ​​the writer, his main character is a detective, not a soldier, so he gets out of any situation using tactics and cunning.

There are combat episodes in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, but they are interspersed with the usual quests (finding keys to doors, fixing equipment, and so on).

The player has no “health”, instead – an indicator of the psyche, which begins to malfunction if something terrible happens on the screen.





An excellent representative of the survival horror genre.

The story is presented unusually – it is a flashback of the physicist Philippe Lafresque, who, having received a letter from his missing father, went to Greenland and came across an abandoned mine.

What happened in it – this is what Philip explains to the player.


Wandering through dark rooms and confined spaces, the player will have to look for clues, solve puzzles and hide from wild dogs, worms of enormous size, and giant spiders.

The atmosphere of horror crushes every minute, and the game will appeal to both horror fans and those who want to tickle their nerves.




Alone in the Dark

Once upon a time, Alone in the Dark marked the beginning of the survival horror genre, which includes the Silent Hill series.

The line received several issues, but it cannot be called successful: in the 2000s it stagnated and gradually faded away.

However, there is still hope for the revival of the franchise: the rights to it were bought by THQ Nordic, which is actively conquering the AA games segment.


The most similar to the heroes of our collection can be called Alone in the Dark 2008.

This is a third-person adventure with a revolutionary character control system for its time and the unique ability to turn almost every object of the environment into a weapon – for example, set fire to a stool and brush off monsters.

Despite some problems with game design and horrific driving episodes, Alone in the Dark is still worth a look.




Siren: Blood Curse

A game from the Forbidden Siren series,

a free remake of the first part of the line, and in combination one of the most creepy horror games.

Sorry, only available on the PlayStation 3 console.


Siren: Blood Curse mixes mysterious rituals, revived corpses,

ancient gods, and people who happened to be in an abandoned Japanese village.

Full of nightmarish images, the game scares and delights at the same time.




Talking about PT without regrets isn’t easy,

as this is a game that was supposed to be a playable teaser for a new installment of Silent Hill,

being developed by Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima in collaboration with director Guillermo Del Toro and actor Norman Reedus.

Alas, the project never saw the light of day, and PT was removed from the PS Store,

remaining only on collector consoles.


Nevertheless, the game has left a noticeable enough mark to give us reason to include it in this collection.

Once in a time loop, the main character is doomed to explore a house inhabited by ghosts,

and the player, meanwhile, plunges into an atmosphere of real horror.




Tormented souls

Game developers from Chile are working on a project inspired by classic horror movies.

Tormented Souls is reminiscent of Silent Hill and Resident Evil,

and the scary story of an abandoned mansion and disappeared children will scare you.

In the best traditions of the genre, players will have to solve puzzles, save resources, fight monsters,

and step by step.

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