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Games like Silent Hill

Horror Games like Silent Hill have frightened gamers for decades with their stories and atmosphere. Silent Hill is a classic horror game from 1999. The game features gore, brutality, riddles, and square graphics. Since it was the debut since then...

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Best zombie shooters

(Best zombie shooters) For more than half a century, the world has been obsessed with the living dead. Their ulcerated flesh, rotten teeth, and mysterious obsession with brains have ensured them a permanent presence in-game worlds, from Left 4 Dead...

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Games like The Last of Us

The Last of Us has earned so many high marks, not because of the setting (which, however, is also impressive). The game won the love of the audience thanks to the gripping, adult story that leaves a mark on the...

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Games like It Takes Two

It Takes Two is finally out. Critics including our website praise her for her fun, creative and addictive co-op gameplay. But if you're already here, then you've probably finished this game - or can't play it yet - and are...

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