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Best zombie shooters

(Best zombie shooters) For more than half a century, the world has been obsessed with the living dead. Their ulcerated flesh, rotten teeth, and mysterious obsession with brains have ensured them a permanent presence in-game worlds, from Left 4 Dead to Dead Rising, and millions of loyal fans. There are so many zombie games out there that it’s no wonder you get discouraged by the seemingly simple question: “Which one is the best?” We have compiled our selection of the best, in our opinion, zombie shooters.




Despite the unimaginable amount of innovation and years of technological advancement, the 2009 masterpiece Left 4 Dead 2 remains the king of zombie shooters. Four strangers, brought together by fate itself, must make their way to salvation through the endless hordes of the dead that flooded the city.


Fast-paced gameplay, unique enemies, and sleek controls make L4D head and shoulders above all other zombie games on the market. Each kill here is brutal and evokes evil joy in the soul, and the untimely death of the next boss becomes a reason for a little celebration. Do you want action and adrenaline, guts, blood, and tension until your fingers tremble? I have one answer for you – Left 4 Dead 2. A better zombie shooter has not yet been invented.




The sequel to the original Tripwire game has taken the fight against zombies and mutants to a whole new level. The biotech company’s plan to create battle clones has failed, and now players are forced to confront hordes of enemies, trying to save the world through the genocide of creatures.


To date, Killing Floor 2 is one of the best zombie shooters, dynamic and adrenaline-filled, with a bunch of enemy types and an incredible amount of blood and cruelty. This combination constantly generates a wonderful gaming experience, making the destruction of the undead hordes a delightful pastime.




One of the few games in the “Walking Dead” universe, which was able to pleasantly surprise the audience. This is a VR shooter in which the gamer plunges into a post-apocalyptic world and tries to survive. There is a full-fledged storyline, the development of which is interesting to follow, even if the user is not a fan of The Walking Dead.


In virtual reality games, various interaction mechanics must be worked out (combat system, handling weapons, the ability to pick up almost any item). And The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners boasts not only this: the gamer also has access to crafting, pumping, and his own base, which he can improve. And the player will be completely delighted with clashes with zombies, but you should not turn on the “Terminator” mode, because a few dead people are a real danger!




Arizona Sunshine is a VR shooter for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. An unparalleled world of zombies and madness awaits you, where you can shoot, grab, move and explore. Games like Arizona Sunshine are the ones that offer the most intense and exciting battles with the undead to date, thanks to the ultimate immersion in the virtual world.


One of the latest updates has added the ability to use two weapons to the game.





If a free and unassuming shooter is enough for you, then you won’t have to go further Unturned. Despite its simple, Mine craft-like graphics, the game is surprisingly deeply thought-out, with several game modes that can challenge your survival skills in a zombie apocalypse.


Sharma adds to her an unusual combat animation and, for example, blots of bright blood, scattering to the sides when killing each dead man. A non-standard approach to the topic is quite enough to captivate the player for a decent amount of time, not to mention the fact that the game is very well made.


Unturned has a variety of weapons with which you can wreak havoc and bring peace.




Based on the original Walking Dead comic series, gamers will have to walk the empty streets of Washington, where death lurks around every corner. While retaining many of the features of the critically acclaimed Payday series, OTWD still pays a lot of attention to what is really expected of it – a bloodbath for the living dead.


Every shot, every blow feels incredibly cruel and ferocious, which, in general, fits perfectly into such a harsh thing as a zombie apocalypse.


Take care of your friends, and remember: just run faster than them.




When it comes to zombie shooters that aren’t really zombies, we can’t help but mention GTFO, a co-op shooter with explosive action and a focus on teamwork, which will be released later this year. A squad of four people will have to clean up an underground labyrinth inhabited by terrible creatures to extract priceless artifacts from it.


GTFO thrives on the field where many zombie and monster games fail – sound. The grinding of metal on metal, accompanied by distant screams of monsters, creates an indescribable oppressive atmosphere. The resulting feeling of fear only intensifies the desire to smash the local creatures to shreds, plugging their roaring jaws with handfuls of larger bullets.


Without comrades – nowhere. They will distract the enemy and cover their back.




Crytek’s new creation is not your typical zombie game, although it perfectly captures all the tension, horror, and energy of the genre. You are half a duo of hunters looking for prey in the form of ferocious and deadly monsters. But beware, other mercenaries could steal your prize as well.


Since Crysis, the studio has been renowned for its graphics in games, and Hunt: Showdown does not depart from that tradition, producing one of the most impressive images of this generation of consoles. Adding teams of other players to the matches adds a pleasant variety to the game, forcing everyone to compete in pursuit of deadly prey.


Very often, your life with your partner depends on the coordination of actions.




Throwing players into a post-apocalyptic version of Arizona, 7 Days to die takes open-world survival games to the next level. Search for supplies, build a shelter, craft weapons and try to fight back the endless horde of the dead roaming the wasteland. Every day the horde becomes stronger, more numerous, and more aggressive, while the reserves and fortifications of the players are melting before our eyes.


New players will appreciate the feeling when a zombie falls under your feet from being hit by a weapon you create. And veterans will be able to craft ingenious traps and powerful fortifications that can delay or even stop the horde. The result is a fun and potentially endless gameplay experience that will impress any gamer.


Light it up! Create a weapon for your hand.




Initially, No More Room in Hell existed as a Half-Life mod by Max Keizan, but later the game became independent and even acquired the status of a classic. Alone or with friends, you will have to fight off hordes of the dead in a post-apocalyptic world that more than lives up to the name of the game.



The interface contains a minimum of hints, and the path to the players is shown only by creepy cries. Dozens of weapons provide hours of fun. So grab a bigger cannon and knock out the door – the zombies won’t rest themselves!


Breakthrough the streets through the crowds of enemies hungry for your flesh.




The seventh part of the legendary Capcom franchise was released in 2017. The player takes on the role of Ethan Winters, searching a zombie-infested estate in search of his missing wife. During fights with indefatigable enemies, including the inhumanly regenerating head of the family Jack Baker, the dynamic action gives way to horror. Defeating each boss will require tenacity, resourcefulness, and tremendous firepower, but each such triumph will give you some of the most powerful emotions in the industry.


Combining fun stealth sections with a wide variety of weapons, Resident Evil 7 creates a great old ghoul joker atmosphere.


Well, let’s go!






Call of Duty: Black Ops is a first-person shooter that has traditionally become a cooperative zombie survival mode. If in the first parts of Black Ops it was just a set of maps on which the players themselves came up with entertainment, then in the latter it is a full-fledged game component with its own characters and plot.


The bottom line is simple: gamers will have to fight off the waves of the walking dead using various firearms. In the process, you can explore the location, barricade, and pick up bonuses. It wouldn’t be so much fun if:


The mode would not be based on the Call of Duty engine, one of the best shooters out there;

Cooperative component.

If you want to shred zombies together with your friends – you are welcome!





A team-based third-person shooter is similar to Left 4 Dead. Created based on the film “War of the Worlds Z”, and, as in the film, here you will see huge hordes of fast dead, capable of huddling together and demolishing everything in their path. Players will have to visit various cities: New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, Tokyo, and others.


The essence of the game comes down to team survival against the army of the walking dead. Players can choose one of 6 character classes (medic, Shooter, Demo man, Technician, Executioner, and Fighter) and use various weapons and means of survival (for example, explosives, shelter, and so on). Get ready for the continuous extermination of zombies and powerful mutants!






Another team shooter similar to Left 4 Dead. An offshoot of the Sniper Elite series, you and your friends will fight against an army of revived fascists. Initially, it was just a mode for the original Sniper Elite, but later the project grew into a separate game.


With an impressive supply of firearms in your arsenal, you will clear the levels from zombies. Moreover, unlike “dummies”, which could be killed with a light touch of the hand in Left 4 Dead, here zombies are much stronger and even a small group can easily tear you to pieces. Also, some mutant dead men have increased damage and health.


From the Sniper Elite, a system has migrated that allows you to track the flight of a bullet right down to when it hits the body. Spectacular – yes. But if played alone, the game will quickly get boring.






Isometric shooter with RPG elements in which the player can choose a character and go to survive in an empty city. The gamer decides for himself what to do – to look for an adventure on his head, or to engage exclusively in survival. In any case, the player will have to exterminate the zombies. Hundreds of enemies can be on the screen at the same time.


The game has three modes: Campaign, Shooting, Survival. The hero can be pumped by improving his skills. There is an impressive arsenal of firearms (from pistols to sniper rifles). You can move around the city on foot or by transport.




A first-person shooter with horror elements with a cooperative model. Together with your friends, you will go to explore the city teeming with the walking dead. The zombies are strong enough here, and you will often choose the latter between the battle and the retreat. To confront the dead, you can use melee weapons and firearms.


Contagion is an interesting but somewhat monotonous game that is best played with friends.

(Best zombie shooters).

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