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Anticipated Android Games

Most Anticipated Android Games of 2021


(Anticipated Android Games)




Recently, Korean developers have been led to release mobile sequels of the popular MMORPG from the PC.

Unsurprisingly – this segment is now generating exorbitant profits – but it still looks like a bit of discrimination against fans of traditional gaming platforms.

Not spared this fate and the cult AION, which will receive a sequel for Android.

Despite the mobile status, the game promises to be large-scale: a huge world with diverse biomes, a classless development system, cross-server battles, and other content awaits players.

The release date is still unknown.




Another mobile MMORPG set in the War hammer Old World universe is a fantasy setting that has been used for games such as War hammer: Vermin tide 2 and Total War: War hammer.

Odyssey will take players on a journey, during which they will visit iconic locations, fight enemies and save the world.

There are six classes available in the game, divided into classic roles on the battlefield, a guild system, a story campaign, and much more.

War hammer Odyssey has already launched in select countries, with a full release slated for 2021.




A new game in the famous Crash Bandicoot series, which has recently found a new life – first in the form of remasters of the original trilogy, then with the release of a full fourth part.

Now there is also a mobile runner, which received a story campaign, base-building mechanics, a crafting system, many costumes, as well as PvP competitions between players in asynchronous races.

The game is already available on Android and iOS.




AN expensive MMORPG from Korean developers is being created on Unreal Engine 4 and will be released on many platforms, including PCs, consoles, and mobile gadgets.

What’s in store for gamers in Chrono Odyssey? The authors promise a rich fantasy world, an epic storyline, a unique quest system, a lot of content for PvE, PvP, and RvR, an outstanding soundtrack, a combat system full of various tactics, and much more.

How much the promises correspond to reality – we will find out next year.



In 2021, we are waiting for the re-release of the cult NieR for older platforms, as well as a mobile offshoot of the series called NieR Re [in] carnation.

It will be shareware and made in the RPG genre. This, in fact, is all that is known about the game at the moment – the details of the plot, gameplay, and monetization are still kept secret.

We are waiting for the details.




Pearl Abyss, known for the popular MMORPG Black Desert, is preparing a family-friendly multiplayer game Doke V that will cover a wide range of platforms, including mobile devices.

This is a massive MMO in the spirit of “Pokémon”, in which players will travel the world where technology and magic have mixed, collecting funny “tokkebi” creatures and participate in turn-based battles.

Also, many third-party activities are expected – fishing, buying and decorating houses, customizing characters, and much more.





Another multi-platform MMORPG that will be released on mobile devices, PC and consoles, and will receive a storyline based on Norse mythology.

Net Ease, which develops the game, is in no hurry to share details but promises a dynamic world, a large-scale story campaign, a detailed combat action, and impressive graphics.

We will probably see all this soon.




The popular free RPG Path of Exile is also gearing up to make its way to mobile. When this will happen is still unknown, the developers themselves call the project “experimental”, and argue that it is perfect for short gaming sessions.

Hopefully, the mobile version of PoE won’t be delayed for a few years.




As an experiment, developing a mobile version of their game and Phoenix Labs, the authors of the cooperative action game Dauntless.

They do not exclude the appearance of a game about hunting for monsters on smartphones and tablets, but they do not give guarantees – now the version for current platforms is the priority, so Dauntless will not appear on mobile gadgets soon.




A free collectible card game in which gamers have to fight using cards with historical figures – great commanders, rulers, and so on, as well as units and units of lower rank.

The developers promise that the change in the genre will not affect adherence to a proven strategic formula and Total War:

Elysium will provide the freedom to use various tactics, which will give players high replay value.




An open-world mobile RPG with a single-player campaign, co-op, and competitive multiplayer, set on the adventures of characters from the Marvel comic’s universe, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and many more.

Players will be able to choose a faction, customize heroes, as well as battles with famous villains.

The game is being developed for mobile devices, but will also likely drop into PC.




An animated action RPG in a setting that mixes elements of post-apocalypse, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Traveling through a ruined, but at the same time full of colors world, players will search for secrets, fight enemies, collect loot, pump, and customize characters.

The authors promise a well-developed interaction with the game world: almost any object can be picked up,

and the environment reacts to the actions of the gamer,

for example, the grass can be set on fire, and the water can be frozen.

The game will be available multiplayer.




An MMO spin-off of the popular Ni No Kuni series, dedicated to adventures in a fabulous, vibrant world.

Players will not only have to explore endless spaces but also develop their own kingdoms, cooperate and compete with other players.

Also, the developers have provided a system for training creatures that will become loyal assistants to gamers.

The game will launch in the second quarter of 2021, first in Asia and later in the rest of the world.

Anticipated Android Games.




Mobile version of the award-winning and highly praised fairytale farm.

As in the “older” game,

gamers will have to take control of the workshop of the protagonist’s father and return it to its former glory.

And along the way – take care of a small vegetable garden, equip a house, explore the town and its surroundings,

clear dungeons from monsters, participate in holidays and festivals,

and even find a soul mate for the protagonist!

The game will be adapted for mobile platforms and will be released in 2021.




Isometric action RPG that is ported to mobile devices Torchlight – with the same classes, heroes, monsters, and loot.

Well, the game will have co-op and multiplayer,

but the developers promise to develop it as a service,

regularly adding new content in the form of gameplay and story updates.

Anticipated Android Games.

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